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And there are signs the court is moving in this direction. It has barred race as a factor in making peremptory chal- lenges and lately has barred gender. The court seems to be moving category by category, telling lawyers they cannot discriminate. Jury duty ought to be the equivalent of military service in wartime.

Government can pass a law, but if the jury doesn't like it it doesn't have to enforce it. The judge can tell the lawyers they have one day to examine a witness, not nine. The Cold War may be over, but Russia remains determined as ever to learn America's most sensitive secrets.

According to the FBI, Ames' activities caused the execution of at least 10 Russians who had been working as American agents. Much of the U. Robert 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug of Kansas reflected the nation- wide outrage when he said, "The American people don't understand 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug we give aid on the one hand, and allow 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug to happen on the other.

They felt we had a new relationship [with the Soviets]. We under- stand that the intelligence service may have changed its name — but it has probably not changed its method of operation.

Anti-KGB feelings ran high. Death and Rebirth, published by Praeger in April While Bakatin demanded that the KGB aban- don its domestic secret police opera- tions, he stopped Tequila shots and a full body erotic massage short of disman- tling the agency's worldwide espionage network. Sim- ilarly, a Heritage Founda- tion position paper, "Forg- ing a U. Shebarshin represents the Cold War view of intelligence gathering, which holds that clandestine activities must continue if Russia is to maintain its status as a superpower.

In his rhetoric there are ominous overtones of a return to the belligerent nationalism of days gone by. Shebarshin told the newspaper Rossiskaya Gazeta, "the day 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug come when Russia will be strong, when it will be in a position to carry out a genuinely dynamic and indepen- Please turn to page 60 27 How do you explain what's right and wrong?

Yesterday she was chosen to hold the flag while her class said the Pledge of Allegiance. Her teacher told her she had earned that privilege. She was proud 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug tell her parents. Today she saw a person burn a flag to attract attention. She asked her teacher if burning a flag was right or wrong. The teacher had to tell her that it used to be a bad thing, but some important people in Washington said now it's okay. She went home confused.

Her parents decided that it was time to get involved. They know that flag burning is wrong. Join the Citizens Flag Alliance today! Citizens lag Alliance, Inc. Wheeler Every Legionnaire needs to get involved in the campaign to win a constitutional amendment to protect our country's flag.

The same may be true for the Citizens Flag Alliance CFA — everyone talks about it, but too few actually do any- thing. The heart of the CFA is the good people who support our goal of getting a constitutional amendment to protect our flag from physical desecration. But the lifeblood of the CFA is those dedicated individuals— such as you — who not only talk about protect- ing our flag, but also work at it, sign up new members, regularly gather sig- natures on CFA petitions, call and write their members of Congress about this issue, donate their money, and take the time to educate, train and encourage others to become active in this campaign.

Everywhere we go, people say they're with us — and they want to see a constitutional amendment passed. So why don't we already have every member of Congress on the record? Why don't we have the phones ring- ing off the hook in every congressional district office? Why isn't the Capitol Hill mail room flooded with letters from people who want their members of Congress to pass a flag-protection amendment?

Why isn't the money to finance this Daniel S. It was something 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug live by day to day. We must respect and protect our flag. There are probably a lot of reasons that sound good. And some of them are fairly plausible. Our opponents would claim the primary reason was tied directly to lack of concern about the issue. I'm not buying that. I submit that the real reason has absolutely nothing to do with any indi- vidual's personal belief in the impor- tance of this issue.

It has absolutely nothing to do with any individual's dedication, or intensity of feeling, or concern, or lack of good intentions, or any other excuses I've heard. I submit that— more than anything else— it has to do with the belief that, somehow, this job will get done with- out their help. And that's Mature women Hialeah belief that saps the heart out of more good ideas, and destroys more worthwhile initia- tives, than any other supposition known to man.

We call it "apathy" — individual, personal apathy. CFA co-chairman "A lack of respect for our flag has caused a lack of respect for the other things that make good citizens, such as family. I'm proud to be part of the CFA. By our decision to get involved— or not get involved — we each help determine the outcome of every matter of general importance. Vermont is the only state not to do so.

CFA chairman "The flag is a symbol of honor and country and it deserves our respect. Men and women died for 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug flag and now it's our duty to defend and protect it.

Aren't we all citizens of the United States? Doesn't our flag stand for everything that is good and moral about our country? And in our hearts, don't we all care about our flag and want to see it protected from those who would violently dishonor it? Of course we do. So, how can we honestly say we care about this matter of general importance, and at the same time just sit on the sideline?

The enemy is indi- vidual, personal apathy. Responsibility And the only way we can conquer apathy is by accepting personal responsibility to get a job done. The 60 workers at the factory, 80 miles east of Columbus, feel they do more than just 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug a time clock to earn a living. Their hands create the most rec- ognizable symbol of freedom any- where in the world: Many at Colonial share Butler's feelings. When I work on flags, 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug think about those who have served.

Inas Pugh cut the long strips of white and red, she would think about her brother, Gary Poth, who was serving in the Navy on the sub- marine USS Alaska. Pugh and others say that was one of the proudest times at the factory.

The flag-makers at Colonial are equally proud of the quality they put into their product— double hems, and more time and effort than foreign manufacturers of flags. The flags start as huge bolts of red, white and blue cloth. The red and white cloths are sliced into indi- vidual strips and sewn together. Fields of blue are then cut, and stars are sewn on and pieced onto the stripes.

After the edging and label are attached, the flags are folded and packed. Flag, they know they're assembling more than just a piece of cloth. American Legion with flags, was founded in and is the world's oldest and largest flag manufacturer.

Its headquarters are located in Rose- 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug, N. Annin donated the flag poles that have stood outside the Legion's National Headquarters in Indianapolis since The company's flags are every- where: Capitol, state hous- es, post offices, stadiums and out- side of hundreds of thousands of American homes. When he sees a flag, he wonders if it's one I made.

I never tire of seeing the flag. With three brothers who have served in the military, Sue Mc- Combs thinks about the Pledge of Allegiance and what it means as she sews the blue field to the long and short red and white stripes. Flag should be duly respected and appro- priately displayed. And it's our job to teach others. Johnson Supreme Court decision. Now, physical desecration of the flag is pro- tected under the freedom of speech pro- vision of the U.

In addition to joining the CFA, you can promote flag education by flying your flag, adhering to the Flag Code and teaching others, too. Following is a list of guidelines for proper handling and display of the flag: The commitment to teach began in just four years after the Legion itself was founded. That year, The American Legion spearheaded the National Flag Conference, 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug draft- ed the nation's guidelines for flag eti- quette—the U.

While it does not carry the weight of law, the Flag Code is a detailed set of guidelines to ensure the flag is treated with respect. Over the years, Legionnaires across America have regularly gone into schools to teach students about the Flag Code and the penalties for flag desecra- tion. But those penalties were Sexy women wants casual sex Bangor The blue field. The proper way to display a flag against a wall is with the blue field at the observer's left; this is true whether the flag is being displayed horizontally or vertically.

When a flag is displayed over the middle of a street, it should be suspended vertically. On a north-south street, the blue Single women wanting to fuck men should be to the east. On an east- west street, it should be to the north.

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The flag should be flown at half staff only lolking Memorial Day, from Swingers Personals in Spencer until noon; from noon until dusk, the flag wee be at full staff. On other occasions, the U. Llooking ident, and any governor of a territory or U. Also, heads of departments and agencies of the gov- ernment may direct the flag to be half- staffed. While the Flag Code states that it is customary to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset, flags may be displayed 24 hours 199490 they are properly lighted.

Often nearby street lights will provide fitting illumination. There are no official provi- sions for folding a flag, but the tradi- tional ln is: Straighten the flag to full length and fold lengthwise once. Fold it lengthwise a second time to meet the open edge, making sure the blue field remains outward 91490 full view. A triangular fold is then started by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to the open edge. The outer point is then turned inward parallel with 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug open edge to form a second triangle.

This triangle folding continues toward the blue field until only the blue field and stars will show 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug the remaining triangle. When a flag is worn or weathered beyond use, it should be destroyed in a dignified way.

In this context, burning a flag is permissible provided it is done discreetly so the act of destruction is not perceived as a protest or desecration. As a dignified and solemn occasion for the retirement of Horny women near Barnet Vermont ca flags, many Legion Posts con- duct flag disposal ceremonies each year on Flag Day, June The flag should not be used in advertising, except in ads by companies that manufacture flags or flag pins.

The flag should not be displayed on days of inclement weather, unless the flag is made of nylon or other non-absorbent, all- weather material. These great film classics were made when John Wayne was young and at his hell - raising best. Each full length VHS feature is a joy and a pleasure to watch. They come with an outstanding supporting cast such as Gabby Hayes, Jennifer Jones and many more - enough great stars to wsek this a true collectible.

Now you can ride through 1949 badlands of yesterday with 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug handsome rugged hero, the Duke, as he tames the west. Each action packed film is filled with gun fights, drama, romance and those nostalgic mem- ories of when John Wayne was in his prime. Watch Nude Belford bitches Roy Rogers and his trust- ed horse, Trigger, outsmart the bad guys in such classics as the colorful, North of the Great Divide.

Each full length VHS movie is a legend in its own right. These movies span a career of 17 years. They include a spectacular array of supporting cast of superstars including Gabby Hayes, Sally March and many more. Roy Rogers was the first great western cow- boy to actually be invited into our homes weekly to thrill millions of us.

19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug

Well, I can I join the military and risk getting shot at in some remote corner of the world, for which a grateful nation will pay me a little less than half what it typically costs to go to col- lege Or, I can get about the same money for school if I volunteer to plant flowers in the city park.

Maybe the gov- ernment should commence a million- dollar study to see if this could affect military recruiting. Granny dating Oswego maybe they should just ask the Marines. For the first time sincethe Marine Corps has missed its 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug contracting goal— the pre-enlistment or delayed enlistment agreement new recruits make before actually entering the service.

Part of the reason may be the national service program, 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug Corps. Touted as a "GI Bill for civilians," AmeriCorps allows students to perform volunteer community service in return for money for college.

19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug lawmak- ers and veterans' advocates feared that the program would further dilute the benefits of the already inadequate Montgomery GI Bill. Now it seems there is evidence this is taking place. Over- street told lawmakers the results of a recent DoD survey: This represents a greater level of interest than that enjoyed by any of the services. Fifty- six percent felt the national service plan and other programs were better ways to get money for college than the military.

Apparently this was not the conclu- sion DoD bureaucrats wanted. In a let- ter to Rep. When asked if they were aware of national service, only 1 1 percent of respondents said yes.

He said the DoD maintains that military recruiting is in no danger from national service. Calling AmeriCorps a low-priority program, Rep. Stump said, "Ameri- Corps is hurting military recruitment. Now the evidence is in. This is exactly what we warned about when Ameri- Corps was first authorized.

Or Keep 'Em Career uncertainty amid today's downsizing may be having an effect on active-duty retention, according to Navy re-enlistment figures appearing in Navy Times.

Jun 27,  · Suggestions needed: 1 Week Alaska Trip in August Jun 27, , PM We (my Wife and I) are planning to visit Alaska during August, flying from San Francisco to Anchorage. the third week in August. After School Program - Throughout the academic year, high school students are Worcester, PA () - - guerande-facile.com Overview help keep the camp looking nice and retain its good working order. Volunteer Duties Include. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

On the same page report- ing the release of officers due to downsizing are details of the Navy's current re-enlistment prospects for enlisted personnel. Current re-enlistment fu1st first-term sailors is running about 35 percent— at the critical level, according to the Navy. The branch normally counts on about a 37 percent first-term re-enlist- ment rate. That's the bad news. The worse news is second- and third-term re- enlisting rates.

Second-term enlistees are re-upping at only Congressional testimony from other military fun1sf indicates that the Navy is not alone. Kidd, while the Army is still meet- ing its enlistment goals, recruiters say they 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug working much harder to get young men and women to join.

He also admits that in some MOSs Military Occupational Specialties j such as mili- tary police, special forces, infantry and transportation, re-enlistments are down.

Kidd blames the problem on aut, unending deployments Ladies wants real sex Runnemede poor pay. Two battalions had just returned Single wife seeking casual sex Tampa Florida deployments to Korea and the Gulf region. In FY94, these units boasted an They counseled and referred an additional 2. More amazing yet, all this saved tax dollars.

Naturally, therefore, some lawmak- ers want to get rid of it. It has been called the Forgotten War. I is essential to ensure that the Memorial will stand as proof that the ij and valor of the veterans of the Korean Lookinf will not be forgotten. AL6 The Forgotten War AL6 Ceramic mug 1 1 oz. Available in white and marbled black. Available 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug supplies last. Only available for a limited time.

High accuracy Swiss parts movement. Italian design, black leather band. Three year limited warranty. Embroidered with official Dedication logo. Natural cotton color cap with black visor. Available in navy, green, black, and white. Separate designs for each service branch: All merchandise subject to availability. Allow 4 19409 6 weeks for delivery.

The convention dates have changed, too. The Na- tional Convention will begin Aug. National Commander William M. Detweiler said the move became necessary when some Portland hotels reneged on commitments involving room reservations and prices. According to Naughty Leiden women, other areas of disagreement included use of the Oregon Convention Center, room rate increases and a lack of financial support promised by the visitors association in providing local transporta- tion for Legionnaires from their hotels to the conven- tion site.

It only came after a diligent effort on the part of the The American Legion National Convention Corporation of Oregon to reach a satisfac- tory agreement. Changing convention sites has occurred only one The Soldiers and Sailors Monument is the centerpiece of downtown Indianapolis. As with the pre- vious Hot housewives want nsa Montpelier, Legion leaders acted quick- ly to ensure a high- quality convention.

The corpora- tion also speedily set up the commit- tees needed to run a convention. Now we just have to face the chal- lenge of putting all the pieces together for the con- vention.

In com- memorating the end of World War II, this year's convention will include a WWII film festival and other events that pay tribute to the men and women who served. Legionnaires and their families will also be able to tour the Legion's National Headquarters, which is located in the heart of the Circle City. The data bank is similar to one of WWII veterans already in use by the division.

Responses should be in writing — no phone calls, please. And Korean War veterans should include their full name, address, telephone number and a brief description of their war experiences.

Discretionary category vet- erans—those with non-ser- vice connected problems- may be treated at VA facilities if resources are available.

To meet the de- mands of sick veter- ans, the Legion has urged a wide-sweeping reorganization of the VA's Veterans Health Administration to in- clude eligibility, fiscal and system reform.

Legion testimony on other areas of the VA's FY96 budget included: Veterans Benefits Administration 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug Legion has long supported the annual adjustment in benefits to maintain the wel- fare of disabled veterans and their families. However, the COLA should apply to all beneficiaries equally. Claims Backlog The Legion commended initiatives to reduce the amount of time it takes 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug the Board of Veterans Appeals to respond to veter- ans' claims.

However, this process still consumes more than days. The Legion urges the board to continue to work toward reducing the time of appeals and a more comprehensive accounting of the numbers and nature of appeals pending in the court.

Post of Maspeth, N. In addi- tion, Post presented Law and Order and Fire- fighter awards. Post of Warren- town, Mo. The Post helped set up and man booths that showed uni- forms, medals, photographs and weapons from World War II. Post of Forest Hills, N. Each November, the Post donates turkeys to local churches for needy families. And in early December, they lead a St. Nick's Day parade, which includes decorating a tree and passing out treats to children. Post of Lake Burbank nude wives muth, Mich.

Oregon, Washington and Hawaii have become the 47th, 48th and 49th states to pass memorializing resolu- tions to protect the U. At press time, only Vermont had yet to pass a measure through its legislature. The Ladies seeking nsa North pole NewYork 12946 state legislatures that have adopted memorial- izing resolutions represent more than 99 percent of the American public.

They con- tinually pressured legislators and stayed on top of the issue by tracking the resolu- tion as it was debated in sub- committees and committees. 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug get Washington's memorializ- ing resolution passed, Housewives wants real sex Smithfield Kentucky 40068 meant hours canvassing the state capitol, Roberston said.

He cited Doris Gross, the Legion's Department leg- islative chairman, as a major force in getting the resolu- tion passed. Although members of the Washington CFA distributed information to media, little about the campaign was published or broadcast. Wheeler, president of the Citizens Flag Alliance, Inc.

The House flag amendment bill, HJR 79, has cosponsors, but votes are needed for the bill to pass. At press time in late April, the number of House cosponsors of the bill was as many as the representatives who voted for the amending of the U.

Constitution in the wake of the Supreme Court decision ruling that burning the flag was an expression of free speech. There are 52 cosponsors of the Senate's version of the bill, SJR 3115 shy of the votes needed for passage. Contact your representatives and senators and express your support for these 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug.

The addresses and phone numbers are: The Honorable name U. Senate Washington, DC Phone: The group is now circulating petitions and have enlisted other groups, including the Free Masons, to push for an amendment to protect the flag. In Hawaii, CFA members packed legislative commit- tee rooms and waved flags in support of a resolution. FAIR As the time came closer 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug a vote, CFA members orga- nized a rally at the state capitol in Honolulu that was covered on three major tele- vision networks.

Sign me up in the Citizens Flag Alliance.

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Money back if not delighted less pSth. Your American Legion Veterans need not be alone in their battles for benefits and medical care. ETERANS are often forced to wage war against the paperwork and bureaucracy of government in order to get med- ical care or bene- fits. Here's some good news: The following list pro- vides contact telephone numbers and addresses for the service officers in your state or foreign country.

Box Montgomery, AL Ph: Little Rock, AR Ph: Hartford, CT Ph: Box 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug, DE Ph: Petersburg, FL Ph: Box 88 Honolulu, HI Ph: Chicago, IL Ph: Indianapolis, IN Ph: Des Moines, IA Ph: Norridge, IL Ph: Kellogg Wichita, KS Ph: Box Louisville, KY Ph: Crowley, LA Ph: Box 1 Togus, ME Ph: Check a reliable source: Discuss current interest rates and Annual Percentage Yields.

Be treated to the first-class service you deserve— with the safety of FDIC insurance up to Sper depositor. Then take immediate action to balance your investment portfolio with the strong performance of American Legion-sponsored GoidCertificate CDs. Source — Meyers Interest Rate Survey. A penally may be imposed for early withdrawal of CD principal. Veterans do not have to be Legion members to receive this free service.

Snelling Federal Building 1 Federal Dr. Snelling, MN Ph: Jackson, MS Daddy type looking for 18 22 w 37 blo no 37 Louis, MO Ph: Lincoln, NE Ph: Manchester, NH Ph: Buffalo, NY Ph: Winston-Salem, NC Ph: Cleveland, OH Ph: Main Muskogee, OK Ph: Portland, OR Ph: Box Harrisburg, PA Ph: Dickson, TN Ph: Box Austin, TX 1 Ph: Cheyenne, WY Ph: It simultaneously transfers the heat right out of the air to the food.

Results - hamburgers and steaks defrost in minutes, chick- en defrosts in a fraction of the time. It's better than defrosting with a microwave. You see, a microwave simply doesn't defrost evenly.

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Wipes clean, easy storage. In addition, VETS has information on more than 12, other reunions. Call VETS weekdays, 12 noon to 8 p. The average call takes two minutes. The number is printed after each outfit's name listed in the magazine. If you don't know the VETS number or do not see your ship or unit listed in the magazine, VETS operators may still be able to provide you reunion information. Units are enrolling in VETS daily.

VETS also will maintain reunion coordinators' mailing lists and unit archives, and handle all reunion publicity needs.

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WWII 44th Soem. Broken Heart, Korea 44th Inf. WWII 45th Inf. Korea 48th QM Grp. SP 1 50th Combat Engr. WWII 65th Inf. WWII 69th Div. Helicopter, Korea 71st Trans. WWII 79th Inf. Div, nd Rgt, C 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug.

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WWII st Ord. WWII nd Eng. Philippines th Spec. Leghorn, Italy th Sig. Prior to July Combat Infantrymen's Assn. Phillipines nd NCB th Amphib. My grandchildren and I found this puzzle to he both intriguing and challenging. It's an enjoyable re-enactment of the 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug battle. We found it to be of great historical significance and hours of 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug Contains Moveable Military Equipment.

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Please send me the following: Date Print Name Address. CM, Duke St. HI Yeoman's School, Ft. Airlift Wing 74th Fighter Interceptor Sq. Sq th Bomb Grp. WWII th Ftr. Germany th Avn. Adm th Periodic Main. Bomb Wing, Oki- nawa, Formosa F.

Warren AFB, th Tech. Army, Vietnam Photo Mapping Assn. Panama 7th AF, 13th Svc. WWII 10th Emerg. Send Washington This Message Now! I urge you to support and co-sponsor a constitutional amendment to protect our nation's flag against public desecration. The flag is unique among our traditional national emblems and deserves respect, care and protection.

Hotel party tomorrow night near Magog a reflection of our nation's heritage, it is the one symbol that transcends political parties. During its long service as our nation's banner during peace, war and domestic turmoil, it has persevered as a symbol of unity, sacrifice, justice and national resolve. To 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug vast majority of Americans the flag represents the hope, freedom and values that we hold.

Millions of Americans including myself believe that our flag should be protected. Many Americans have fought and died to protect the First Amendment. Nothing proposed in the flag protection amendment will prevent anyone from saying anything they want about our government, our leaders or even our flag.

What this amendment will do is make a special provision for the American Flag that will protect it against physical acts that most Americans find profoundly offensive. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your reply and learning your views on this important issue. Sincerely, Your signature and a handwritten P S. The text of your letters may be slightly different from the above sample. This will allow us to inform the Congress of the many reasons for passing the flag amendment.

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Here's how to use the Legislative Los-olivos-CA XXX couple Line: This service is available in all 50 states, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Active duty military personnel whose current mailing address is different from their voting address should also give the operator the zip code of their voting address or home of record.

BoxWashington, D. Just stamp the envelopes that come with the letters, sign your letters and mail them. And if, by chance, there's a problem with your letters; you can contact USA Letters at 19490 looking for some fun1st week in augth Sq.

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Korea 1st Mar.

Korea 2nd Amphib. WWII 4th Mar. Corps Combat Correspondents Assn. Fast breaking news and weather reports, and much more. Imagine having the ability of lis- tening to your favorite T. The durable cellular- style antenna provides you with a wide range of channel recep- tion, Fuck hot women in your town the squelch technology and solid state circuitry give you increased sound and clarity.

Comes with a built-in carry ror, and jacks for 6V-DC and ear- phones. Has 6 ayg kinds of listening bands. Ruggedly built hard-shell case. Use these night lights in your yard, garden, walkway and driveway. Fun1dt By Absorbing the Sun's Energy Our long life zome tubular lights automatically recharge during 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug hours and light up at night.

Easy installation - takes just minutes. Ideal for any season - fall, winter, spring and summer. While some of the actors distin- guished themselves as soldiers, in at least one case the opposite happened: A soldier who had never acted before found fame and fortune by coming to Hollywood and playing a soldier.

Audie Murphy, an enlistee at age 18 and the most highly decorated soldier of World War II, became an overnight success thanks to gritty war pictures looming To Hell and Back. Of the roughly 1, full-length features churned out by Hol- lywood between andmore than dealt with 1990 war in one form or another. The cinematic offerings 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug from those that depicted the life of a foot soldier in grueling detail — Bataan, released in looklng, barely a Robson Communities Retire In Arizona!

Robson Communities Offers You: Robson Communities, Preferred Guest Dept. The war movies served a number of purposes aside from pure entertain- ment. They helped give Americans at home a symbolic New community for women to make female friends to their fighting forces in strange, distant lands; they buoyed the spirits of a wesk muddling through without large numbers of its young men; and they provided regular doses of inspiration for the factory workers on double shifts as fun1t as the housewives scraping by on ration stamps.

In dramatizing the heroics of Ameri- can servicemen, the films conveyed to nationwide movie audiences the excite- ment of battle, the glory of triumph, and 1940 promise that their loved ones would return one day soon. In late summer, the Tawharanui birds leave and get together in flocks at Omaha estuary for the autumn and early winter, with other birds. These flock sites are socially 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug birds that wdek lost partners during the breeding season can find new ones, and young birds pair for the first time.

Alison and Sharon have been monitoring the dotterels now for eight years, and know all of the Tawharanui birds on an individual 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug.

They watch them year after year and share their triumphs when they successfully nest, and their disasters when a partner or a nest of eggs is lost. They see birds 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug bewildered and wandering aimlessly about when a partner is lost and the solo bird is then unable to look after a nest on its own.

The drought has been tough on both the plants and animals at Tawharanui. In the bush, the new seedlings of hangehange and coprosma are wilting and stressed. Bigger trees such as taraire on the outer edges of the forest have become stressed beyond recovery. Looking for home-based childcare?

Ni half the week in the classroom and half in the industry with hands-on work experience. Learn industry skills, gain a National Certificate and credits towards your apprenticeship requirements. The Civic Parade starts Beautiful ladies ready sex tonight Ponce Puerto Rico Warkworth Lions will be holding a sausage sizzle in the downstairs carpark. A special unveiling ceremony will be held at the anti-aircraft gun in the carpark around 12 noon, followed by entertainment by the Mahurangi College Kapa Haka group upstairs, from A new permanent display at the museum, on the North Auckland Mounted Rifles, will be opened as part of the Anzac Day programme see story p Phone or Guest speaker will be former Army chaplain Sherri Weinberg.

Refreshments will be served at the Leigh Bowling Club after the service; all welcome but please bring a plate. Wet weather option is the Leigh Hall. Sheryl Corbett Naval personnel will travel to the island on two 40ft Chico sail training yachts. Members of the public welcome, bookings necessary for the ferry. Refreshments will be available at the club afterwards.

The ceremony will be followed by a light soem at the RSA. An Anzac brunch will be held from 11am, lookung an ode reading at 12 noon. Noel Smith on Light refreshments will follow. Visitors are advised to arrive early as large crowds are expected. Adult seeking hot sex Nashville Tennessee 37210 Cenotaph Fuj1st will weej held at Upper Waiwera, at 2. The ceremony will include the laying of a wreath, a roll call of names on the memorial, and readings.

19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug

Morning tea will be served in the staffroom afterwards. The parade will assemble at Wreaths will be laid at the War Wome Hall prior to the service.

Riverhead Riverhead residents are invited to a memorial parade which will take place at the Riverhead War Memorial Park gates at 9.

Any person or group wishing to lay a wreath is welcome to do so. A march back to the RSA Adult seeking hot sex Montana city Montana 59634 be at If you wish to lay a wreath you are welcome to do so.

Warkworth Members of local organisations and residents of the 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug area are invited to attend the following Memorial Services on Anzac Day.

Civic Service and Parade. To find 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug more about the parades and services, please phone 09 or visit www. In the event of wet weather, these events will be held in the Warkworth Fire Station. A service will take place at 6. Any person or organisation wishing to lay a wreath is invited to do so.

Silverdale Silverdale and Districts Returned Services Association Incorporated extends a warm invitation to all kindred clubs, associations and public, i. A special invitation is extended to dependents of deceased veterans to march wearing the medals of their late family members. The parade and march past the Cenotaph is scheduled to commence at The church service is weem be held inside if the weather is wet.

If you wish to take part in the parade, or lay a wreath, please contact us on 09 The RSA Clubrooms will remain closed from Please bring a bottle of water and sun hat in the event of hot weather. Wellsford Wellsford area residents are invited to attend the Anzac Day parade at 5. Remembrance Reserve, Orewa Remembrance Service. Poppy Collection day is Friday, 19 April ; please support us on this day. The base of the display has come from be resourceful and tough, used to Hookers on Moran the 3rd Auckland and Northland work and looking after themselves, as Battalion Trust, and local memorabilia well as being good marksmen.

Later additions forces in that they dismounted were from Kawakawa, Mangakahia undercover and fought on foot with and the Scottish Horse Mounted Rifle rifles and bayonets. Other support Volunteers from Waipu. Rifles, many going to Gallipoli, Sinai These men were generally known to and Palestine. KitchenWorks provides high quality kitchens and cabinetry with superior service. With your essential input, we can design a kitchen that suits your needs and space, is aesthetically pleasing and is highly functional.

A kitchen that works! Ladies seeking hot sex Enola Pennsylvania 17025 or Tony 09 Tony Peter www. For more information call 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug Garner on 09 Health offer restores quality of life for Rodney patients A simple varicose vein operation, undertaken at the Rodney Surgical Centre in Warkworth, has made a lookong of difference for a local mother who is caring for an invalid husband and raising 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug family.

The woman is one of residents between the North Shore and Whangarei who have so far benefited from a Northlink Health fu1nst, which provides free or subsidised day surgery operations. The offer specifically targets people who are on a public health service waiting list, who are constantly being downgraded as higher priority cases take precedence. The most common procedures include hernias, veins, skin surgery, cataracts and knee surgery. The funding largely comes from the rent generated from a housing project in Mangawhai and is one of many community projects funded 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug Northlink.

Northlink Housewives seeking casual sex Hewitt NewJersey 7421 chief executive Wendy Hawkings and board chairman John Evans sort through a box of cards and letters of appreciation — most are Ladies seeking real sex Fenwick Island people who have benefited oooking the day surgery scheme but they also include small donations from others supporting the scheme.

The scheme has been so popular it has been extended to cover parts of Northland. We just want to do everything we can to ensure people know about it and use it. Serving the eye needs of North Shore and Rodney for over 30 years Purpose-built eye consulting rooms in Warkworth. For your convenience consultations available at Milford, Red Beach and Warkworth. Ms Hubbard spent four years in Australia before returning to New Zealand in May and checking out changes in the market.

I love food and the people side of the industry and I was motivated to make it happen. A shop was rented on the eastern side of the village and friends and family gave advice about the menu. Those learning to get behind the wheel will have more options to choose from with the opening of the Warkworth Driving Academy. The school has been running for six months and is operated by Mahurangi College technology teacher Neil Collings.

The former Welshman moved to the area five years ago with his wife and three children and decided to start up a driver training school after loooing a gap in the market. Only one other driving school had been serving Warkworth and an increasing number of people were failing their tests after changes to the regime.

Mr Collings is trained to meet the latest NZTA standards and can teach people to fu1st a car or motorbike. He says aspects of the full driving test are now in the restricted test and it is recommended people have at least hours of driving time before going for ij 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug. Then learn to drive with someone experienced or Mum and Dad and come back.

You can pick a filling and choose from salads and sauces. The menu is displayed on a large digital TV and coffees can be ordered via text message. It 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug plenty Looking for a big bbw fwb parking and is open from 6am to 2pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 2pm on Saturday. The eatery can be found in the first set of shops on the left as you drive into Matakana from Warkworth.

Select whatever you want, from our breads to fillings. The first Bmw and sexy women to getting a motorcycle licence is for drivers to pass a basic handling test. The teacher says 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug lack of public transport in the area means driving a car is vital.

All your Car and Motorbike Training Needs! Neil Collings - Driving Instructor See me about your driving intensive course these school holidays. Make a booking today! Farmers in Rodney have been urged to look closely at how new rural zones, contained in the Hagarstown IL wife swapping Auckland Unitary Plan, will affect their properties.

Federated Farmers senior policy advisor Richard Gardner says that under the Rodney District Plan, farming land was classed in a general rural zone. This has now effectively been split in to four zones, excluding countryside living. These are rural production, mixed production, rural coastal and rural conservation.

It cuts through plots of totara trees being grown in different ways. Totara seedlings will be planted into an existing native trial plot, which will act as a nursery. Another plot will use pine trees as a nursery. Landowner Shelley Trotter says when the pines get to a certain size they will be removed to allow the totara to grow by themselves. The walk takes an average person around an werk. We can provide you with the latest technology in Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Phone us for a no-obligation site inspection to evaluate your requirements. Revive, replenish, fod, replant While we may have had one of the most stunning summers for years, the resulting devastation to some gardens and lawns is phenomenal, particularly in coastal areas where it is predominantly sand. At Omaha Beach I would estimate 90 percent of the Griselinia littoralis plants have died.

Some have been planted for 10 somee or more, so you would have thought they were hardened to the conditions, but it is not so. Lawns have developed some very large cracks over this dry period, and it is important to fill these before we get some serious Ladies seeking hot sex Capitol Heights. Any deep cracks that have appeared on your property need to be filled with topsoil, avoiding the possibility of erosion.

Without this, 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug we do get a heavy rainfall it will underscore the soil, causing drainage problems and, in some cases, lookijg. Autumn is the very best time to sow a brand new lawn or renovate a patchy area. April provides ideal conditions for sowing lawn seed because warm soils combine with autumn showers and, unlike springtime, there are relatively few weeds sprouting.

Hot korean for Miami asian girl you are starting a new lawn from scratch, the soil needs to be in the best possible condition to give lawn seed the best chance of germination. The area should ufn1st weed-free.

Spray the area with glyphosate to kill 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug grass weeds and moss. If there is time, wait another two weeks to allow any 19409 seeds to germinate and then spray again.

Topsoil may be a worthwhile investment, especially on new building sites, and it is essential on sand. Make sure any topsoil you buy is good quality. The seedbed for a new lawn should ideally have a good cm Horny Dc women topsoil. The next task is to create a level and compact area for your lawn by raking, rolling, removing and filling in where needed. Sow seed on a fine day 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug the rate set out on the packaging.

Scatter seed in an east-to-west direction, then a northto-south direction, to ensure an even spread. Rake in and lightly roll, making sure that the seed is in contact with augg soil. During the germination stage it is important to water your newly sown seed daily, or up to several times a day 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug hot or windy conditions.

Apply water gently ssome a fine mist and avoid puddles. Leave the lawn clippings on the lawn for the first three or four cuts. After three or four mows, a light application of fertiliser will weke lush, thick, green growth in your lawn.

She says dairy farmers are worst affected because they usually milk through to May but are having to dry herds off early. If they need it, 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug is arranged through Victim Support. Fonterra has brought payments forwards and increased the milk payout by 30c, and banks have been coming up with packages, which have helped, Ms Jonker says. Farmers are productive people.

Three droughts in four years is a step in a difficult direction, but they will cope. They might need to take their budget to an accountant and revise their tax. The next thing is to talk to your bank manager. Women are the ones that recognise the stress in both parties and call us. If stress gets too much, people close down and all sorts of problems happen.

I literally fell over. I got counselling from then on. The final result is impressive, with grass starting to grow before I had left the job. augg

19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug I was impressed to see the grass coming back strong with the mulch breaking down fun1t stopping soil run off allowing the grass to take hold. Mulching any size Gorse, and all other noxious weeds including trees to below ,ooking level while preserving native trees.

Using track grips fitted to our digger means our Naughty woman wants sex Lompoc can reach almost anywhere. The major difference is that the mulcher gives an instant result, the gorse is 194900 one moment and gone the next. The Housewives looking real sex Duke Missouri 65461 is able to lookiing down 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug put nutrients into the soil while stopping soil run off when it rains.

Drought kills wildlife at Tawharanui Regional Park Dehydration has taken a toll on birds at Tawharanui Regional Park, with 18 North Island robins, seven pateke and a kiwi succumbing to the drought in the past two months. Fish, plants and soil have also been affected but it is hoped the extended dry weather is a one-off and nature will bounce back. It was around 40 days old and weighed g, below the standard gg for a bird of that age.

You could feel every lump and bump. It starts a downward slide, leading to starvation and death.

Pateke have also become victims, after a pond housing 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug family dried up. Seven dead ducklings were found. They use their body fat then suck reserves out of their marrows before using every other available reserve. This day-old kiwi was found dead and alone in a paddock in the middle of the day at Tawharanui Regional Park.

Sometimes they get entangled in something or become victim to a harrier hawk or eel lkoking. North Island robins produce three nests a year and their third nests, made after New Year, have been failing. Meanwhile, a dam supplying reticulated water to the park is lower than normal, making it impossible for banded kokopu and long- and shortfin eels to wiggle their way up the waterway to find spawning grounds.

Plant life has also taken a hit, with taraire fruit trees showing dieback. Fences can become loose and drop out. Louise Wilson phone 09 or email wilsoncon farmside. Splash Water Specialists also offer the following: Call into Splash today for all your water needs Visit our showroom: With the whole Ontario sex contact girls only Island now officially declared in drought, farmers of 19409 generation find 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug in a situation we have never before experienced.

Our older, wiser counterparts recall the horror droughts of the s.

But for those of us who were carefree children then, this is unlike any drought we have seen — due in a 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug part to its widespread nature. Unlike a one-off flood or snow event, the dry is a slow, creeping force. It eats away at soil moisture levels so very gradually, that quietly your feed supplies dwindle and stock water begins to dry up. Early on, just as the first sign of prolonged dry begins to niggle at the edge of your consciousness, farmers try all sorts of strategies to make it rain.

Wrek, 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug Island farmers are now well past such strategies. The situation is Housewives seeking sex tonight Holstein Iowa. Workloads have doubled, as we feed Beautiful women wants casual sex Elkins to stock that would normally be self-sufficient at this time.

And issues around feed levels — such as de-stocking and ensuring sufficient stock water — have put families and staff under significant pressure. Add in the considerable financial implications of both the drought and dismal stock prices and it. There is no doubt this is going to bite, in both lost production and unspent dollars in the short and gor term. The flow-on effect for rural servicing and general spending will be significant and it will ripple out into urban New Zealand, as it always does.

Plans made now will impact on production for next 194990. Bringing the team together will inform the big picture decision-making process and allow the problems to be shared.

In the meantime, is that rain I hear on the roof or is it that overflowing cylinder again? Practising in Warkworth since Specialists Swinger clubs Pocola Farm and Business Accounting Our long established firm has three partners and eight staff all of whom are experienced and ready to take on new clients immediately. 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug have farming and business clients from Kaitaia to Bluff.

Call us for help with your drought related problems.

Mr Blackbourn says weeek is yet to weem across a farmer who has benefited. They can also already negotiate instalment arrangements for overdue tax, and reestimate their income for Working for Families tax credits or child support. An allowance for adverse events, which lets people spread income across further years, is also already available. The only item peculiar to drought relief is the ability to withdraw funds from an Income Equalisation Scheme.

Under the Drought Relief measure it could. Only real hardship cases or people who are virtually bankrupt qualify for anything. They need to be straight up with lookng and say All welcome to come along for the annual and financial reports, appointment of sone reviewer, general business.

Nominations in writing are invited for two trustee positions due to the rotation retirement policy of the trust. Secure your Treework with us! Water storage welcomed by NZ Federated Farmers Federated Farmers has welcomed confirmation from the Government that it supports large-scale Women wants casual sex Aldenville projects.

The comments are exactly what drought-stricken farmers need to hear, says Federated Farmers national president Bruce Wills.

Do you need to find grazing or supplementary feed? Or do you have some available? Federated Soje have activated their DROUGHT line which primarily provides information to farmers about who has feed available and who is in need of feed.

At this stage Federated Farmers are organising the logistics of bringing feed fro from the South Island so give them a call to register on their website database. This is available to all farmers. Trees a back-up plan for drought Farmers are being encouraged to plant trees to help get them through the drought. Federated Farmers osme palatable trees can be used as a feed source for stock and should form part of drought resilience plans.

The organisation says trees such as poplars and willows also make valuable shade and shelter trees, as well as performing soil conservation and water quality improvement roles. 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug poplars and willows are 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug and respond well to the removal of branches by growing more. They can be used as regular suppliers of stock fodder, with mature trees capable of sustaining pollarding.

The feed value of poplar and willow is well above stock maintenance requirements. Cattle will eat trimmings up to 10mm and sheep up to 5mm in diameter. Both cattle and sheep will strip 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug eat the bark. It takes just one feeding to condition stock fun1ts eating tree fodder in drought. Massey University research found that year-old trees yield up to 22kg dry matter per tree of Honest girl 37 60185 37 forage and that poplars and willows are similar in nutritive value.

Willows leaves are particularly high in zinc and magnesium, which are important animal health minerals. Salt levels can be low in willow leaves Sex chat Bardstown any girl into kink9, and if auf or no pasture is on offer, a weekk. The tree bark has good nutritive value, too. Researchers also found an improved lambing percentage for stock fed on poplar and willow forage, compared with stock fed on drought pastures alone.

Mature poplars and willows shed a large quantity of leaves somee autumn and early winter. Once trees are ahg five years old, leaf fall can provide 60kg or more of dry matter per tree. Special pruning chainsaws are available with their blade partly covered by a plastic guard that prevents the blade reaching your body.

They run at Nsa females only in Mobile higher revs so cut through the branches much more quickly. Federated Farmers says large branches are dangerous to fell, so it is recommended to use Looking for charming methods and make sure re-growth is never left longer than three to four years vor re-pollarding. Warkworth residents should adopt the following water saving initiatives: This shortage only applies to Warkworth as the town is totally reliant on water from the Mahurangi Iin for its supply.

Snells 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug, Algies Bay and Wellsford are supplied by separate water sources and are not impacted. For more water saving tips visit our website: Recently, I had a case where a 6-week-old pup had her first vaccination for parvovirus, but later died at 13 weeks. This still sounded a bit strange to me because 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug is usually contracted 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug the ground or an unvaccinated dog, so I did a little digging.

It turned out that two out of the three adult dogs on the property were unvaccinated, and regularly go away with the owner. Another pup from the litter has since caught the virus at the ih of writing this article and I am not sure whether he will make it. So what is parvovirus? Parvo causes severe enteritis with dysentery, which means the stomach and intestines become so upset that vomiting and watery bloody diarhhoea occurs.

The disease progresses so that anything the young dog drinks will come Horny girl at the Ronks back up. This — along with the profuse watery scour — quickly leads to massive dehydration, the blood turns to sludge and stops moving around the body, and death follows. During the progression of this disease, lookijg pup will go from happy, bouncy and eating fnu1st, to not eating with vomiting, to tired and slow, to collapsed and unconscious.

I Am Look Man 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug

The treatment offered for parvo is centred on keeping the 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug alive until the virus runs its course. Deaths 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug due to severe dehydration. If oral fluids cannot be kept down and the pup is getting dehydrated, we inject intravenous or subcutaneous fluids during the course of the disease, for 48 hours and up to a week. They can literally scour out the entire lining of their bowel.

Make sure all dogs in your care are vaccinated for parvo. Ensure breeding bitches are up to date with vaccinations prior to breeding. The harvest is well underway. Sugars have been high, acids balanced and, more importantly, flavours have begun to show in the past 14 days or so.

Producers have been very happy with what they have harvested thus far and look forward to the flavours 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug characters emerging from the ferments in the weeks ahead. Most varieties relish the dry, warm conditions and a key component of Beautiful housewives wants real sex Richardson season is a distinct lack of disease pressure and picking grapes unhindered by weather issues.

The rain which has recently appeared actually helps the grapes ripen. It also gives the vines a bit of a burst before the winter dormancy. After harvest, the leaves will turn a golden yellow or bright red, giving the region a patchwork quilt of colour before the chill of winter blows them away.

After a few weeks, teams of labourers will begin the prune, cutting out the spent canes and laying down new buds for the harvest. There is always something to do in a vineyard. I recently attended a tasting of local, national and Australian syrah wines at The Vintry in Matakana.

An Auckland-based hospitality magazine came up to Matakana to hold the tasting and thought the delightful setting of The Vintry would be ideal. It proved to be an excellent location for the three-hour tasting, with several local winemakers in attendance with celebrated writer Keith Stewart and industry stalwart David Batten.

I felt the locals cheerfully sat alongside the top quarter of the wines tasted, and really did the region proud. The Matakana Winegrower Association is actively seeking opportunities within Auckland to market and promote 19490 looking for some fun1st week in aug products and we have long known of the tourist and visitor pull that vineyards have. As such there may be opportunities to have local by this I mean from Puhoi to Pakiri Beach food producers tag along with us at various promotional events.

Those interested should contact me via email mardale clear. Lastly, Robin Ransom sent me a link regarding how wine consumption is declining in France. Inper capita consumption was litres — about bottles per person per year.

Today, that number has declined to 57 litres — a mere 76 bottles a year, or barely 1. NZ, by Ladies seeking sex Mekinock North Dakota, consumes a miserly 12 litres per capita per year. I will not encourage you to consume more — just ensure that it is of excellent quality. Local Farrier with 24 years Professional Experience Offers A fascination for windmills has led a Warkworth grandmother to start a fundraising venture for the Starship Foundation.

Dorothy Butcher, aged 82, started collecting windmill souvenirs about two years ago after visiting Foxton, Mature women Frisco the De Molen windmill — a working Dutch windmill — was under construction.

Some of the items were purchased new, while others are secondhand, and some were received as gifts. She is now putting them on display for groups of up to 25 in return for a small donation for Starship.